back when i worked the skin on my fingers grew thick and rough

and now its incredibly fragile

i keep picking away at it till theres none left

i feel this way about a lot of things lately

the more things keep changing

the more i lose sense of home

im scared that i will never again know

what home truly is

its okay

we will be alright

i watch my world unfold

and i do not know what to say

i think about you

every single day

i love you more than anything

i live for you

i can't imagine my life without you

and in a way that scares me

keep drinking

keep drinking

in pain?

keep drinking



messy floors

tight walls

another unfamiliar ceiling

I had a dream recently about being another gender

it was slightly odd

but also incredibly comforting

first I'd like to say that reality is invisible to the naked eye

you and me both know that life is a real bitch.

doing your best, you say? That's not good enough.

it's like that one song.

how does it go again?

the world is a jigsaw puzzle.

somewhere there's a fit for you.

have to fit.